Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Steps

I am not one to rush ahead and say my child is talking or walking when they’re really not.  So I won’t tell you that Hadley is “walking” because at almost 14 months, she still isn’t walking on her own.  But today, for the first time she was crawling and stopped in the middle of the living room and just stood up and took a step!  She had nothing to hang on to or pull up on, just randomly decided she wanted to give it a go!  She was so proud of herself and tried a few more times but after falling on her little bottom repeatedly she gave up and went back to crawling.  I don’t have a picture, but just wanted to document the day for the blog!  Of course, Daddy is out of town for work right now, so he missed it, but hopefully she’ll try some more this weekend! 

On a random note (and so I can include a picture with this post), this is what kept us busy for about 20 straight minutes this morning…

13 Months

Taking a marker out of the pail, handing it to momma, then (after momma put her stack back on the floor), picking them up one-by-one and placing them back in the pail.  And then starting all over again. :)  When she finally decided she was done with this game, she turned to crawl away and accidentally knocked the pail of markers over with her foot.  When she turned around to see what happened she started bawling.  I helped her pick them all back up and she then she did it again.  We had an emotional morning. ;)  It’s scary how much of my personality she has.  Poor thing. 

Despite the emotional highs and lows, Hadley is at SUCH a fun age and we are loving watching her discover new things every day!

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Andrea said...

Hadley just looks so SWEET!!! I just want to pinch those cheeks!! It's only a matter of time before she's walking all over the place, Go Hadley! And I agree that this age is so much fun!

Leslie G said...

K is almost 14 months too and isn't walking yet- and she's been crawling since 7 months! :) She will take a step here and there but is clearly in no hurry to get around by foot. In time, I suppose!

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