Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Post About Shoes

How’s that for a creative title?  I know, some days I just ooze originality.  So anyway, I mentioned in a previous post that I have a hard time finding shoes I like.  I like boots, flip flops and ballet flats, and that’s about it.  Not to say that I don’t own any other styles of shoes, but I just don’t ever wear them.  I am totally open to other suggestions if anyone has them! 

Given my limited taste, when I saw TOMS was coming out with ballet flats, I was…intrigued.  I don’t own a pair of the regular TOMS because, to be honest, I didn’t think they were that cute (no offense if you have them – I mean to say that they weren’t cute ON ME – other people can totally pull them off).  The ballet flats, however, are loads of cute in my opinion! 

I LOVE the rose linen ones – but can I justify $79 for a pair? (The mr. is shaking his head no…)


And these?  Burlap?  SO cute!


Have you ordered some?  What do you think? 

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Maury Kilgo said...

They're adorable! I'm with you. I have some heals in my closet, but they rarely get pulled out. Have you tried wedges? I wear a lot of wedges and they give them impression of heels but feels more like walking on flats.

Lauren @ You Had Me at Handmade said...

I think they're cute, but I was kind of disappointed in the selection/variety of ballet flats after such a huge lead up to their release. Also disappointed that they're even more expensive than most of the wedges and original styles. I have some of the regular old Toms though and I love them, and I definitely want some wedges!

Crystal Mendez said...

Hi I am a new follower , I think they are so cute and I love flats, ever since I had kids I Just can't seem to wear anything to fancy at all lol

Kara5109 said...

I want these so bad I can't stand it. I think I may splurge and get a pair when we get our tax return.

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