Friday, February 3, 2012

Hadley is 13 Months

In an effort to be fair to any future kiddos down the road, I decided awhile back that I would stop the monthly updates at a year.  I could easily keep going with Hadley, but I’m worried that once there’s more than one little one running around in this house, I won’t have the time to keep up with their monthly updates for as long.  These things take time!

That being said, I feel like so much has changed since Hadley’s last monthly update that I wanted to do a quick post to remember what she’s up to at this age. 

  • I already posted about this here, but since Hadley’s 12 month post, she is now crawling, getting up from lying down, pulling to standing and cruising on the furniture all over the place.  It’s like she held onto 3 months worth of developing and decided one night it was okay to move on ahead. 


  • She has quite the personality, and while she’s stubborn and hot-headed at times, she is super sweet and tender-hearted.  If you say her name in a stern or warning-type tone she will stick out her bottom lip and turn her head away from you like she’s just too hurt by what you said. 


  • She is super social and just loves to meet and play with other people!  She LOVES teenagers.  We go to the Chick-Fil-A by our house for lunch sometimes and there is a high school not too far away, so lunchtime can be pretty crowded with the off-campus lunchers.  Hadley will sit and just stare at a table of high schoolers until they notice her and then she grins and giggles and waves in excitement.  It’s actually nice when they sit near us because she is completely entertained just watching them. 

{SIDENOTE: Is it sad that when I see them I don’t feel that much older than them?  And then I remember how OLD a mom with a baby looked to me when I was in high school.  It’s a little depressing when I realize the gap between how old I feel and how old I am.}


  • She is still not a snuggler by any means, but she will dole out the kisses left and right!  It’s super cute – if she’s standing up and you come over to her and ask for a kiss she will turn and place her hand on your shoulder while she leans in for a smackeroo.
  • IMG_4375bw
  • She signs all the time, and while she may not be that verbal yet, she definitely understands just about everything we say.  In an attempt to start weaning her a couple weeks ago, I wound up throwing her way off schedule (apparently she’s not quite ready yet).  When she woke up (for the 4th time) one night, I went in to comfort her (which during a typical night would take about 10 seconds of rocking and then setting her back down), and instead of calming down instantly, she grabbed at my shirt and did the sign for “more”.  How can you say no to that? 
    • She signs “more", “all done”, “eat”, and just started doing the sign for “milk”. 
  • She can make a monkey sound, point to her hair and her mouth.  And she can point to her toes about 30% of the time we ask.   We’re working on the other body parts – she currently thinks her nose is also her mouth. 
  • She is excellent at finding things that my vacuum or broom missed.  Case in point…


ewww, momma… here you go…

  • She has 10 teeth!  She just popped her top 2 molars a couple weeks ago
  • She sleeps 12 hours a night and naps twice a day (each nap ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours)
  • Still nursing 3x a day, but she can (and does) drink almond or coconut milk out of a sippy cup really well.  She’s still a pretty good eater, too.  Her favorite food right now is grapes, but she also loves when we go out for mexican!  We went to Chuy’s the other night and she ate a spinach, mango & pear puree, and then proceeded to eat about 5 large slices of avocado, some rice, a bunch of chicken fajita meat, a few bites of beans, and some tortilla!  She also loves to eat a tortellini vegetable soup that I make. 
  • Her favorite toys (so I can remember this when I’m looking back!) right now are: her new play kitchen, her cozy coupe, her cookie jar, My Pal Violet, puzzles and board books.  She loves to “read”! IMG_4393IMG_4396IMG_4404IMG_4405

Happy 13 months baby girl! :)  I can still call her my baby girl, right? 

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