Friday, February 1, 2013

A house update: paint!

I know I have been awful about posting pictures of the house now that we are in and settled, but moving with a two year old when you’re pregnant doesn’t make for a lot of down time and decorating. 

That said, as our Christmas present to each other this year, Matt and I decided to get some painting done (as you might remember me mentioning, I basically want every inch of this house repainted at some point – walls, trim, doors, shutters, you name it!)

We decided to start in the kitchen.  Even though this isn’t finished yet, because I haven’t finished making the new valances (even though I have all the fabric – I got distracted by the nursery), I still LOVE the change the paint made!

So, here is the first set of house before/afters (with a sneak peek at the valances).




During: (Although the trim already had one coat done, you can see the difference between the two walls pretty well in this picture below.  Just for reference – the color of the door is the color of the old trim.  The door will be painted one of these days, too! One thing at a time!)


And AFTER: (sort of – minus the new valances)  The paint colors used were Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki on the walls and dover white on the trim.


And here is a quick preview at the fabric for the valances – this one is just pinned up there, will have ties, etc…


Hopefully the valances will be finished soon and I’ll have better “after” pictures for you then!  With a new baby on the way, though… I’m not making any promises!

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Kara5109 said...

So pretty!

Traci said...

It looks great!! Love the valances. I wish I could sew!

Jessica Whitman-Horton said...

Beautiful!! What a difference paint makes, it brightened it up so much! Love te material for the valences! And Harper's nursery is super cute!!

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