Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Because Harper was born during the day, Hadley was able to come up to the hospital just hours after her little sister was born to meet her!  My mom and sister were home with Hadley and brought her to the hospital for an early dinner and birthday celebration for Harper. 


It was almost more than my heart could handle; seeing my little baby become a big sister and little girl in the blink of an eye.  Hadley did so well and was so gentle and loving with “bebe Harper.” (It’s never just Harper – always bebe Harper.) 

Harper got Hadley a gift (big and little sister dolls, a big sister book and an Elmo cookie), and we had a cookie cake to celebrate Harper’s birthday.  We sang happy birthday multiple times for bebe Harper. :)

















I think the cookie cake was a hit ;)

It’s so bittersweet to see Hadley step into her role as big sister.  It’s hard to imagine that just two short years ago I was holding that sweet little swaddled bundle and learning my new role as mommy.  And then there she was, running around, eating cookie cake (or just licking all the icing), singing happy birthday to her new baby sister.  She is 4 times bigger than Harper and suddenly looks SO different to me.  She is gentle, concerned and loving with Harper, and although I anticipate we’ll have some behavior problems ahead as we all adjust to our new normal, I just know she is going to be the best big sister.  My hope and prayer is that the girls will grow up to be the best of friends (despite the fights and growing pains that I know are to come).

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Lucy Marie said...

It gets better and better and better watching them fall in love with each other. I keep wondering when the novelty of having a baby will wear off for Eva ... so far it hasn't. She still asks where she is first thing every morning and always wants her baby to be around her. Sisters are so special.

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