Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter Recap

In true fashion I’m late with this, but I wanted to finally get a few pictures up from our Easter weekend.  This was the first “real” holiday that we’ve spent just the 4 of us, and to be honest, I didn’t really even plan anything.  We wound up going to church and then out to a quick brunch and that was that.  It was nice to keep it simple – we have plenty of years ahead of us where the girls will keep us busy enough!

The Easter bunny made a quick stop at our house before church, and I attempted to get some pictures of the girls with their baskets.  You can see how well that went. ;)


Thanks to the sweet little junior high guy holding the door at church, we managed to finally get a picture taken with all four of us!  Lovely background, yes?  And Hadley looks THRILLED to be there.  Such is life these days!


We went to Gordon Biersch for brunch after church where you can tell Hadley perked up a bit. :)


All in all, we missed our families, but had a sweet little Easter weekend celebrating our risen Lord!

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Lauren & Eddie said...

You should SO squish them into that PBK chair every year on Easter for a picture. It would be hysterical! Pretty girls!

Traci said...

Those first 2 pics are hysterical!

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