Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Just a couple quick pictures to highlight March (and a few from April), to try to get caught up on the blog.

This picture of Hadley cracks me up.  She pulled that yellow stretchy thing out of the toy box, set it on the carpet and then grabbed her camera and proceeded to snap about 50 pictures of it.  Think she’s seen me do that a time or two (not with that yellow thing… but you get the idea).


They celebrated Texas Independence Day at school with a Texas week.  They took hilarious pictures of the kids in cowboy attire and posted them on the door.  Hadley had a blast with this and loved to show me her picture every time we were there.


I had to commemorate my first trip to Target with both girls by myself.  We’ve since been probably 10 more times at least, so I feel like an old pro already.  It is definitely like running a marathon, though, to get grocery shopping done with both girls. 


This day, I was loading up the car for school, and I turned around to see this.  Hadley looked at me and said “Ho-see tummin wit us.”  Thankfully when I explained that we didn’t have a carseat for ho-see, she quickly nodded and brought him back in, explaining to him “no ca-seat ho-see. You tay home. See you later!”


Tried to get a picture of the girls together before leaving for school and this is the best I could get.  I wonder what they were both looking at that was more interesting than my camera?


I told Hadley I wanted a picture of her because I thought she looked so cute.  Apparently that was insulting and she proceeded to pout at the car.  Oh to be inside the mind of a two year old.


Thankfully, she was in a better mood when I picked her up from school. :)


Early morning deep conversations in momma’s bed. :)  One of my biggest prayer is that these two would grow up to be the best of friends.  Always supporting and loving each other.


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Jessica Whitman-Horton said...

That last picture is so precious, sweet sister girls! Looks like your rocking the mama of two gig, which I love to see since two looks so much harder than one, heehee! Xo!

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