Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boy or Girl?

With the big ultrasound coming up next week, I thought  I’d make a list of all the wives’ tales I’ve come across so far that are supposed to tell you whether or not you’ll have a boy or a girl.  Initially, I thought for sure it was a girl, but the last few weeks I have started thinking it’s a boy, so really, I think we will be surprised either way when we find out!  Here’s the list…

  • Baby’s heart rate:  If the HR is >140, then it’s a girl; if it’s <140; it’s a boy
    • = GIRL
  • Acne: If your skin gets worse during the pregnancy, it’s a girl; if it stays the same or gets better, it’s a boy
    • = GIRL
  • Maternal Grandmother: If the maternal grandmother has gray hair it’s a boy; if she doesn’t (whether natural or dyed) it’s a girl
    • =GIRL
  • Sum of the mother’s age + the month conceived: Odd = girl; even = boy
    • =GIRL
  • Hair on legs:  If the hair on your legs grows faster it’s a boy; if it stays the same or stops it’s a girl
    • = BOY
  • Carrying: If you’re carrying low and all in front it’s a boy; high and wide = girl
    • This one is a little hard to tell so far, but I’ve been told it looks like I’m carrying low, which = BOY
  • Feet:  If they are colder than usual it’s a boy; normal or warmer it’s a girl
    • = GIRL (although this probably has something to do with the month or so of 100+ degree days we’ve had here)
  • Morning Sickness:  If you had it = girl, if you didn’t = boy
    • = GIRL
  • Chinese Gender Prediction: predicts based on the mother’s age (you are supposed to calculate your ‘lunar age’ and I have no idea how to do that.  Probably why I can’t get similar results on them) and the conception month. 
    • If I go with my regular age, the charts all say BOY
    • If I go with what some pages calculate to be my “lunar age”, then the charts say GIRL (although I found one that still said BOY)

TOTAL:  GIRL = 6 (and a half?)

          BOY = 2 (and a half?)

So what do you think?  You can vote in the poll on the side or leave a comment!

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Kaitlin said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my nursery post! The paint color is Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage. It photographs a tiny bit darker than what it usually appears, though it does seem to change a bit during the day. Congratulations on the baby- have fun working on the nursery!

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