Monday, August 2, 2010

Girl’s Week

This past week, one of my closest girlfriends/college roommate and her 20 month old (happy 20 months today Kate!) daughter came to stay with us.  Even though by some standards we didn’t do much, it was one of the best weeks I have had all summer!  I took lots of pictures and 3 different videos of little miss KateKate while they were here, so I thought I’d share.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a video of Kate saying “hidog!” outside out back window (no, we don’t have a dog, but our neighbors do, and that’s all it took to get her excited) every single morning when she woke up.  Or saying “hidog!” when she walked past this little dog figurine/doorstop we have in the guest room.  She’s just got the cutest little voice!  On top of all that, I got to spend some good girl time chatting with Becky – when we lived together in college we could literally talk an entire night away and it was so nice to relive some of that. 
Video #1:  Unfortunately Kate didn’t get to see much of Matt because of her sleep schedule and his work schedule, but she did discover that his name was pretty easy to say, so she would repeat it over and over.  This is me, repeatedly asking her who she was going to call just so I could hear her say Matt some more.

And a couple pictures before the next video…
IMG_3113 copy
Kate striking a pose with Max – her dog IMG_3108 copyIMG_3109 copy
Happy little girl!
Video #2: Kate loves to sneak up on someone who is “sleeping” and wake them up by jumping and screaming.  For this video though she was a little distracted by the camera and had her best behavior on.  I pulled out the camera and caught the tale end of a “CHEEEEEESE” with a huge smile.  She was lovin’ this camera.  She was also a little more fascinated by seeing Becky through the camera than the actual real life Becky, so she came up to me a couple times, crawled all over me to get to the camera only to be disappointed when she turned it and it suddenly didn’t show her mama anymore.
And a few more pictures before the last video… I had fun playing around with the editing of these.  I swear you’d think I was at least related to this child I’ve posted so much about her, but I’m not.  I just love her to pieces anyways though!
Untitled-1 copy IMG_3116 vintagecopy IMG_3119 copy IMG_3123 copy

Video #3:  A little more of Kate saying Matt over and over, a quick “hidog!”, a little baby babble and then we had to go look for “nana” – her name for her baby (and all babies).
Ok – I think that’s probably definitely enough (for now).  Hope you enjoyed your glimpse into our week!
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mom e said...

Adorable! That pic of her on your back porch looks like a professional portrait.

Anonymous said...

Someone is sooo ready to become a mama!

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