Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Months

Hadley Ann, I can’t believe you are 5 months old.  One more month and you will have been with us for half a year!  It seriously feels like yesterday that we brought you home and were showing you your first snow-fall!

You have changed (and grown!) oh so much in these past 5 months.  Looking back at pictures, it’s hard to even tell you are the same baby!  Your daddy and I fall in love with you over and over each day as more and more of your personality comes out.  I hope you will always know that no matter who you are or what you do that you are LOVED – both by us and by your Heavenly Father. 

As far as stats go, we didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month, so these are just guesses (although weight-wise, we did take you to get your ears checked not that long ago, so that is probably pretty close).

  • Weight: 16 lbs 10oz
  • Height: ~26 1/2 inches
  • Clothes: Mostly size 6 month (dresses & jammies are 9 month, and I just bought you a swim-suit that is 12 months!)
  • Diapers: We are finishing up a pack of size 2s, and using size 3s already at night

This month we celebrated my first mother’s day, and daddy’s 28th birthday!  Here you are on Mother’s day before we left for brunch!  You were a big hit at the restaurant – the waitresses just loved you and you were on your best behavior!  IMG_1791 copy

Nana & grandpa C came into town for daddy’s birthday and you had a great time with them!  You just loved to give grandpa a big giant smile every time he’d make a face at you.  Don’t tell him, but I’m pretty sure he’s already wrapped around your little fingers!

You definitely started teething this month – we even took you to the doctor to get your ears checked because we thought for sure you had an ear infection.  We were wrong; you just were having a really tough time with those sore little gums!  No teeth have popped through yet, but for all your fussiness, I keep thinking something has to show up soon! 

We’ve had yet another month of sleep habits constantly changing.  Although (knock on wood) the past week or two it has gotten a lot better.  For the most part, you are sleeping for an 8-10 hour stretch at night, waking up around 4 or 5a to eat and then back to sleep until sometime between 7:30-8:30a.  Depending on what we have going on during the day you take 2-4 naps.  Sometimes they are more like catnaps 30-45 minutes, and then you’ll take a long one for an hour or 2. 

You are still exclusively breastfed, but I think we might start some solids sometime this month.  I plan to make all of your baby food, so I’m excited to start all of that!  You have also decided this month that you don’t want to take a bottle anymore.  Because of that, I went and bought some sippy cups yesterday, so we’ll try to start practicing with those and hopefully you will catch on quickly.  Otherwise, mommy can’t leave you for more than 3-4 hours ever!

Speaking of not taking a bottle, we discovered this the day that mommy left you with daddy to go get a massage and have lunch with a friend.  In addition to realizing you no longer like bottles, we also realized you are in a major “mommy only” phase.  Poor daddy spent 5 hours with you just screaming your little head off!  By the time I got home and fed you and put you down for a “nap", you “napped” for 5 hours!  Talk about wearing yourself out!  It seems to slowly be getting better though, so hopefully it will be a short lived phase (for daddy’s sake). 

You have gotten really good at grabbing onto things (including mommy’s hair!).  When you are on your playmat, you grab on for dear life, as if you’re going on a ride or something.  When you’re sitting in our laps, we can hand you a toy and both your hands just immediately grab onto it, and then it goes straight into your mouth.   I love this next picture, it’s like you’re saying “what, holding onto this stuff is NBD” (that’s “no big deal” for those of you non-abbreviators.)

IMG_1840 copyIMG_1899 copyIMG_1907 copy

Probably my favorite development this month has been laughing!  You are still pretty stingy with your laughs, but that just makes them that much sweeter when they do come out!  I posted a video earlier this month with your first laughs, but here’s another one I caught.

Hadley Laughing–May 11th

You are finally enjoying your exersaucer this month.  It still gets to be a bit of stimulation overload, but we play in there a little bit each day and you last a little bit longer each time!  It’s so cute to see you hear one of the songs start to play because you’ll look up at me with your mouth open like “Wow mom! That’s fun!” IMG_1934

IMG_1886 copy

We still do tummy time every day, but apparently you have forgotten that you know how to roll over.  You’ll hang out on your tummy for awhile, and then just start crying until we turn you back over.  You were rolling from your belly to your back for a couple weeks but haven’t done it since! 

IMG_1819 copy

I do think you’re getting close to going from your back to your belly though.  The more you pull up those legs and grab your toes the more you start to roll.  You have no problem going to your side, but have yet to flip all the way onto your tummy.


Just this past week you started making this screeching sound that I can only compare to something I would imagine a dinosaur would sound like.  It’s become one of your favorite things to do.  Here’s a video of it!

Hadley screeching


I thought by now your hair would have fallen out, but most of it seems to be hanging on!  There’s definitely some new hair growing in that looks blonde, but you’ve still got your mohawk patch of dark hair that you were born with! 

You are loving bath time now.  As soon as we put you in, you start kicking your legs like you’re in a swimming competition and anything and everyone around is soaked in about 10 seconds!  We’ll have to try to get a video of it soon. 

Even with the lack of sleep and total exhaustion, you have been the biggest joy in our lives baby girl!  We are so thankful that God entrusted your precious life to us!  Happy 5 months! 

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