Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Pinterest by now, but on the off chance that some of you haven’t, I wanted to spread the word!  I am pretty obsessed with it already – it’s such a great way to get inspiration for anything!  Picture all of your bookmarks/favorite pages in one place with perfect little thumbnail pictures to represent them!  And then imagine a glimpse into your favorite people’s bookmarks and a way to search for things by category! 

Here’s a screenshot of one of my boards (For the home…).  It’s where I save inspiration for home decorating & organization. 


Here’s a glimpse at my main page with my different “boards” that I’ve made.  You can follow people who have similar taste and they can follow you so you can share ideas! 


It’s super addicting, so if you don’t have time in your day for anything else, I’d highly recommend staying away!  However, if you want to try it out, let me know and I’ll be glad to send an invite your way to join! 

If you’re already on Pinterest, leave me a comment with your name on there so I can follow you! 

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Amy said...

i just posted about pinterest, too! i'm obsessed!!
i'm mrsamytippins if you want to see what i'm pinning :)

Liz said...

I would LOVE an invite Brittany! I have been wanting to try it out!

Tonya said...

Please send me an invite to join.


MamaZ said...


Can you send me an invite please.

Brittany said...

I am a new follower and wanted to say hello! I actually found your blog on pintrest when I searched "Hadley" (my FAVORITE girls name). I saw that you had pinned a few things with the name Hadley and that your name was Brittany (mine too), so I just had to follow your blog! Sorry for the long story! Anyways, I look forward to reading your blog and seeing more of your pins! :)

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