Friday, June 24, 2011

Mommy & Me

Or maybe I should title this Ms. Christy and me. 

Hadley and I joined a weekly class at The Little Gym to get some fun time with other mommas and babies and Hadley LOVES her teacher.   Since she has a track record of melting down and screaming anytime we do something new, I was prepared for her to scream the entire class.  Instead, she just STARED at her teacher.  She was listening so intently to everything she said, and when she got a compliment from Ms. Christy, I swear she grew 3 inches. 

She could be about to start crying, and if her teacher came over to tell her she was doing a great job, all of a sudden that bottom lip would go back in and she’d look up at her as if to say “Really?   I’m doing good?  Thanks!!” – it’s the sweetest thing!



I’m realizing quickly that we need these activities in our schedule or else we will both go crazy!  We’re having so much fun with this, I might just look for a playgroup to join, too! 

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Amy said...

how fun! if you are looking for play groups/local activities to do you should think about joining the sachse murphy moms club. we've been members for a couple years, and gotten to know some fun friends! Let me know if you want more info!

Traci said...

Such adorable pics!!

Liz said...

Hadley is TOO adorable!! James cannot wait to meet her. He is gonna LOVE her!

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