Monday, June 13, 2011

Well… we tried.

This past weekend, we attempted to start Hadley on “solid” foods!  Her pediatrician actually gave us the go-ahead at her 4 month appointment, but after doing some research, I decided to hold off a little while.  Hadley really wasn’t showing a lot of signs that she was ready, and the fact that her tummy would get so upset if I had dairy made me think her digestive tract just wasn’t quite ready for more than breast milk. 

In the last week or two, however, the girl has been SUPER fussy if we are eating in front of her.  She has been studying us like crazy when we eat or drink anything, and the other night, I was holding her while I was eating and she was literally LUNGING at every bite I took!  So, we decided to give it a whirl. 

We started with oatmeal (I had read that plain rice cereal has no more nutritional value than processed white flour, so I wanted something a bit more nutritional).  I mixed up a little with some breast milk until it was just barely thicker than liquid. 

Here she is, all ready for some oatmeal!


First bite!


Dad – is it okay that I’m eating this?


Hey!  Where you goin with that?


Ummmm, I’m not so sure about this stuff.


Here, let me just take that spoon for you.


All in all, her first experience went pretty well.  She actually swallowed a tiny bit and didn’t seem to hate it!  However, I tried to make it a tiny bit thicker the next couple times and she has not been a fan.  I also made some sweet potatoes for her to try – I’ve got a post almost ready to show you how! 

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MV said...

So cute! We tried solids this weekend too. I have that same donut ATB bib ;)

Amy said...

it gets easier! and messier! :)
we waited until libbi was 6mos to try "solids" and she was not a fan at first, but quickly caught on :)

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