Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

I have been less than inspired to blog lately.  Not that I haven’t wanted to, I just feel like I haven’t had much to say.  That, and I think I’m feeling scatterbrained already just thinking about the next few months and how busy we will be!  In an attempt to keep this little blog alive, y’all will just have to bear with me through my most-likely very somewhat scattered posts. 

  • I finished another pair of ruffle pants the other day.  I was wanting to make a pair to go with the turkey shirt I got for Hadley awhile back from Oh Sew Cute Designs.  I’m pretty happy with how they turned out this time – I learned from my last pair and made a few changes, and they were definitely a little easier to do the second time around.  IMG_3790 
  • Everywhere I go, someone asks me if Hadley is crawling yet.  Nope.  And honestly, as a baby, I didn’t crawl – I just went straight to walking – so I’ve sort of expected Hadley to do the same thing all along.  I get some strange looks from strangers (is that a pun?), but I am in no rush for her to be into everything.  She squirms quite a bit already, and can wiggle and roll her away around enough as it is.  In case you don’t believe me… (please don’t judge the 2 alphabet letters and mum-mum wrapper on the ground – she just throws the letters back down every time she’s done with them, and to explain why the wrapper wasn’t thrown away, she likes the way it crinkles, so it became a toy.) (Oh, and if you have an eagle eye, you’ll also see a Q-tip.  No explanation for that one.)


{sidenote: does it make me a bad mom for taking that second picture before I helped her sit up?}

  • One of the model homes in our neighborhood was having a furniture sale the other morning.  It was kind of chilly when we got up to go, so I got to bundle Hadley up a bit and I just thought she looked so stinkin’ cute! IMG_3765
  • Sorry – I’m realizing all these bullets are about Hadley – I don’t have much of a life on my own lately!  Little miss is teething something awful right now.  We have gone from 12+ hours a night to waking up crying at least once or twice.  She’s also got a bit of a cough, and a nose that is runny only at night?  I wonder if they could both be due to teething?  Who knows… I blame everything on those darn teeth lately.
  • Speaking of teething, I’m just praying that this tooth cuts through and no others start trying to come before the second weekend of December.  Matt’s company holiday party is an overnight party this year, and I would hate for my mom to be up with a screaming baby all night long while we’re gone!  I’m already freaking out a little about leaving her overnight for the first time…  any tips?
  • We had family pictures taken a couple weeks ago and I got a little sneak peek and am SO excited about them!  Can’t wait to share them soon!  Although, I might wait to share my favorite picture b/c it’s on our Christmas cards (that I already ordered!)

Ok that’s all – I’m off to tend to a cranky little girl who isn’t napping very well today… it’s going to be a loooong afternoon. 

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Andrea said...

First of all, adorable pants! You know how I love those ruffle pants! Where did you get the fabric? Is it Amy Butler? Second, Hadley will crawl when she's good and ready, every baby is different and honestly maybe she prefers to be carried =) I also give Gracie paper to play with, she is entertained for longer periods of time with it. I'm loving her big girl outfit. And no tips on leaving baby overnight. I'm so not there yet!!! I think I would be if I spent more time with her, but I work 4 days a week and my mom watches her so I am attached to her at all times when I'm home! I think she would care less if I left her though. I mean, she might be a little upset, but it's always tougher on the momma's

Ashley's Green Life said...

Have you ever tried Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets? ( I use them with my 7 month old daughter, Avery, and I don't know what I'd do without them! Another more "granola-like" opition is an amber teething necklace, like this one ( We've used those too and it seems like they might be helping a little bit too (at least with drooling). Hope she feels better!

By the way, I love your blog. It's fun to read what Hadley is up to since she's a few months older than my daughter and see what cool things we have to look forward to. ( :

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