Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend (last weekend, that is) Recap

This is a week late, but we spent last weekend in Austin and I thought I’d share a quick photo-recap of our time there! 
Mmm… enjoying a banana! 
We went to The Salt Lick – the BEST BBQ in Texas in my humble opinion - and took a picture by the pit to commemorate Hadley’s first time there.
Girlfriend loved, loved, loved the turkey we gave her.  She seriously couldn’t get enough in her mouth at a time.
And because we’re such kind and loving parents, we thought we’d give her some lime to cleanse her palette.
My parents have a bouncer they keep at their house for Hadley and we moved it into the kitchen one morning while we were making breakfast.  This picture cracks me up because you can see Vinnie (their cat) peering over the stairs.  He has a low tolerance for babies.  Add that to a giant bouncing contraption and you pretty much have a cat’s worst nightmare – poor thing just hid down there the whole time we were in the kitchen. 
Ok, these were taken here at our house when we got back, but they were too cute not to share!  It was a little chilly, so I put her hat on her to get a few good swings in before it got dark!
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