Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Oh hi. 

It’s been awhile.  I actually had to go to my blog to see what I last posted about before I could start this post.

To catch y’all up – a lovely photo dump post (because that’s all I can seem to find the time for lately!)

Hadley LOVES apples.  Even better is when it’s daddy’s apple. 



I was so excited when this little goody from Kelly’s Kids arrived in the mail thanks to my mother-in-law!  Hadley looks SO stinking adorable in it!


Ready for family date night – we went to Olive Garden – only the best for these three ;)


Last weekend we went to the park by our house.  It was so nice to have daddy along with us.  Mommy got to sit on the bench in the sun while daddy and Hadley colored in the shade. 


We met up with one of my girlfriends “aunt courtney” for lunch last week.  After lunch we went back to see her new apartment in Uptown and Hadley was just smitten with her time playing with Lucy-dog!


And these next pictures?  Melt.my.heart.  Hadley has been such a little momma lately to her baby dolls.  She gives them bottles, rocks them, pats their backs, hugs & kisses them, pushes them in her baby stroller, and the other day I caught her trying to give her baby doll cheerios.  I’m gonna have to watch her when we have an actual little baby around someday!



She is such a goof-ball.  She has one of those little ribbon-taggie blankets (made with love from an old family friend) and every time I go to get her when she’s waking up she has about 10 of the little ribbons on her arm like bracelets.  She always holds it up for me to pull off, so we get lots of practice counting to 10 each day!IMG_2205IMG_2208

And last, just a few pictures from our outside playtime lately!  Trying to enjoy the outside before we hit the 100s this summer.


Okay, I think we’re all caught up now.  I’ll try not to get so behind again!  Happy May-day y’all!

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Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

She is such a doll! And there is nothing cuter than a baby girl playing momma to her babies. I love her pants!

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