Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh Happy Day (x2)

I thought it would be fun to share a little about the bride & groom along with the pictures of their big day!  I grabbed their “About Us” section from their wedding website to share with y’all while you browse the pictures (mainly thanks to Two Times Photography and Julie Fisher).  They wrote about each other, so Katie’s “about the bride” was written by Eric and Eric’s was written by Katie – such a fun touch to see their personalities shine through their love for each other.

ABOUT THE BRIDE  Katie is...

pretty much, hands down, the most amazing woman I've ever met.

beautiful, but the attraction goes way deeper than just looks (though she isn't hurting in that department).

a great listener.


an encourager, but not afraid to speak truth and put me in my place.

a woman that loves Jesus way more than she could love me, which is awesome!

a leader, but willing to be led.

a giver.


passionate in whatever avenues she pursues.

gifted (seriously, there's nothing this girl can't do, except maybe play basketball).

not super affectionate, which is the complete opposite of me, but I believe I may have cracked the surface :)

a "pinterest-aholic" (Maybe most girls are these days? I can't complain though; I've been the recipient of some pretty awesome recipes she found on there).

a strong enough woman to put up with me (it takes a special woman).

organized (and I'm not).

punctual (and I'm not).

passionate about dance (and I'm not, though I'm trying).

clean (and I'm not...this should be interesting).

simple, low-maintenance (That's a compliment; I love that about her. She's content with spending quality time together rather than go out to a five-star restaurant any day of the week).

understanding (For example: she knows how much I love watching sports, especially the Longhorns, and there really hasn't been a time where she's made me change the channel or do something else... That day's probably coming).

from Minnesota.

a proud Aunt, pronounced Ont not Ant. "An Aunt (Ant) is a bug" according to her. Must be a Northerner thing.

a city girl (I'm still working on getting her to go hunting).


tough (she broke her arm as a child and didn't see a doctor for about a week).

strong willed and firm in her convictions.

a great picture of what a Godly woman looks like.


a forgiver, she knows and lives by the way our Father has forgiven us despite our shortcomings.

patient (especially with me).


The list goes on and on and on. I absolutely LOVE this girl and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives (on this earth) together. If you haven't had the opportunity to meet her, just trust me, she is awesome!


a lover, not a fighter.

devoted and faithful to pursuing the Lord far beyond anything else. (including me)


affectionate. (...opposites attract?)

gifted with words. (sometimes a little too gifted, if you know what I mean?) ;)

a devoted Longhorn fan.

who God created him to be...and he doesn't back down to whatever God may be challenging him with.

a triplet. (which he forgot to was more of an afterthought, as we began to get to know each other)

a leader.

a small town guy.

"blessed with hair" (at least I think that's how he phrases it). Never in my life did I think I'd find facial hair attractive...but oh does God change the hearts of those who least expect it.

bold about his convictions.

always finding time to serve others.

actually a really good listener - not just for a guy. (I almost didn't put this on here, because I don't want to admit it; BUT he hears me way more often that I think he does. Don't get me wrong, he's still a male and a sports do keep him "humble" in this area)

absolutely the most encouraging and loving person I've met. No really. To be honest, I've had a difficult time understanding the JOY behind the whole "wives submit to your husbands" thing...BUT,

the more Eric presses into the Lord, the more he's able to reflect the love of Christ;

the more Eric equips himself, the more he's strengthened to lead us with truth and discernment;

the more Eric let's go of his plans, the more He's able to accept God's plan for us;

SO I'm constantly reminded that I submit to Eric, because He submits to the Lord - and that's something to find joy in knowing.

I love this guy. Whether you know him or not...I pray you're just as encouraged by him as I am.

Okay, on to the pictures!

Kisses for aunt Katie! Happy wedding day!!560998_10100586766118087_29625495_50498127_1300978225_n

Operation: Get Hadley into her tutu!





This is how Hadley entertained herself throughout most of the ceremony…



Runaway flower girl!  In the middle of the ceremony, while Katie & Eric were taking communion, Hadley decided she wanted to be front & center and took off towards the middle of the stage.  Daddy had to come take her back to his seat after that. ;)






The triplets :)




Katie’s friend Julie painted this tree for them!  (To use as their guest “book” – guests left their fingerprints and signed their names)



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