Wednesday, October 8, 2008

buttah-fwys! and a wedding

Most might call them Monarch Butterflies, but to my 4 year olds, they are buttah-fwys, and they have taken over our playground. The past week or so we've noticed a huge increase in the amount of butterflies outside (supposedly they are supposed to be migrating to Mexico for mating season, but they seem to be getting pretty comfortable at the Park Cities Baptist Church playground. It's the funniest thing to watch the kids when they find one; it's like watching a game of pickle in the middle - only there is no ball, and really no one on either side of the kids - just a group of 8 or 9 4 year olds running back and forth, back and forth across the playground chasing the butterfly who just happens to fly above their heads, just out of reach. After today, however, they may decide to pack up and move out. Two of our kids (who happen to be twins) caught butterflies today while we were outside - and seeing their little faces light up when they came running up to show me the poor, frightened, slightly squished buttah-fwys they had caught made my day. Here's a couple pictures of the two who caught them.

Don't worry - we let them go so they could continue on to mating season...

On another note - I wanted to share a few pictures from the wedding we went to in Austin last weekend. This was quite possibly the most extravagant, beautiful wedding I have ever been to! Congratulations to TJ and Becky!
The ceremony was held outside on the shores of Town Lake (or ladybird lake as it is now supposedly called...I'm not into that name so I'm not going to call it that) right at sunset at the Four Seasons. (longest run-on sentence ever).

Martini ice bar/sculpture - shaken... not stirred.Enjoying the private fireworks show just for the newlyweds

Hanging out with friends outside of the photo booth
Our table
The largest cake I have ever seen!All these pictures were taken with my shiny new camera! What do you think??
Thanks dad! :)

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Katie said...

haha I'm sure that was so fun to see the kids playing around with the butta-fwys!!

mom e said...

oooh, poor widdo butta-fwys. Tawking wike dis is fun!

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