Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Benched our homesite"

It's official - they have FINALLY started doing something on our lot! I say 'something' because I'm not exactly sure what "benching our homesite" means, but I don't care! We drove out to Murphy yesterday after work to see the forms they've put up - see pics below. They said that this stage already has to pass an inspection (I guess to make sure everything is set up at the right spot in the lot), and then they will start trenching for the rough plumbing (do you like all those technical terms? I'm a real pro already). It's hard to tell from the pictures, but you can sort of see the forms they put up which will be the perimeter of the house, and they've also dug around and laid out where the driveway will be and marked where our fence will go! So exciting!

I took this picture standing on what will be our front porch - and Matt is standing in what will be our foyer!

Sorry this one is a little dark - I took this from across the street, and plan to take a picture from this same spot (there is a fire hydrant there to mark my place!) every time we go out there so we can see the progress over time!
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The Joiners said...

Exciting! Bet you can't wait to actually move in :) Happy building!

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