Thursday, October 2, 2008

Design Group Appointments #1 and #2

We had our first and second appointments at the design center on Monday and yesterday evenings. It was actually a lot tougher to select everything than I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong - if you know me, you know I can be fairly opinionated and I typically know what I like. I've also always known that I have an uncanny ability to walk into a store and like a magnet, I am drawn to the most expensive ____ (fill in the blank) in the whole store. This was especially true in the "house store" also known as the design center. I have to constantly remind myself that this is our first home - not a mansion we are building to retire in someday.

Anyways - here is a picture of what we've chosen so far. We still have one more appointment left next Tuesday where we will finalize everything. Ignore the manila folder in the top left corner. The top picture of stone and brick are *almost* finalized, we're pretty sure that's what they will be. The tile on the left will be in the bathrooms and utility room. The hardwoods next to the tile will be in the entry, hallways, dining room, kitchen and breakfast area. The carpet on the right will be in the family room and the carpet on the left is what will go in all the bedrooms and the study. The far left tile is a tumbled marble that will be our back splash, and the cabinets and granite are in the middle.

We still need to finalize the stain for the shutters, front porch posts and front door, so I'll post those things after our last meeting next Tuesday.

On another note - we are headed to Austin this weekend for a wedding! The wedding is at the Four Seasons and rumor has it there will be a fireworks show (they are only the second couple to ever set off fireworks from here!). The bride is a wedding planner - so I can't wait to see how beautiful everything looks! Not sure if they read this - but congrats TJ and Becky!

We'll also get to see Matt's mom Maggy (or maggy-mom as she signs her emails to me) this weekend which we are super excited about! The timing worked out perfectly for us to get her opinion on our house design stuff before we have to finalize it all on Tuesday! I do have some more polyvore sets done too - but I'll save those for a later date :)

I'll leave you with a few quotes from my classroom this week.....

(when asked what it means to be brave...)
"Oh! Oh! I know! It's when yool wawking thwew a scaaawy fowest and you hear cweepy noises, but you keep wawking and you awen't scayrd!"

"Hey Jack - is this your drawing?"
"Um, lemme see..... oh no way! I draw waaaay better than that"
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The Blogivers said...

Haha I'm glad my blog keeps you laughing! Meanwhile, yours keeps me jealous and wishing I had a house to decorate :) Good luck!

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