Monday, August 3, 2009

Pie in the sky

How awesomely delicious do these look? I stole this picture from Bakerella, as well as this idea, but I thought I'd share my favorite idea of the day! She actually got this idea from another blog as well - (the link to that is in her blog) - and I think they are the coolest little pies I've ever seen! I think I want to try these out in the fall (it's still a little too warm in Dallas to spend a day baking) - and make them with all different kinds of filling! Pumpkin, pecans, blackberry, cherry, apple, the list could go on and on... YUM. I'll post again on these after I attempt to bake them!
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1 comment:

cloverstl said...

I saw these yesterday too. I can't WAIT to make them!!!!

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