Monday, August 3, 2009

Sorry 'bout that

If any of you happened to visit my blog between sometime last night and this morning, you might not have been able to read it due to the Photobucket message displayed all over the middle section. It should be fixed, and won't happen again since I'm using my own photobucket images now! Sorry about that! Also, this is a random thought, but if any of you bloggers out there would be interested in a blog makeover, I'm thinking about trying to work on other people's blog designs as well - since I have so much fun with it (and since Sarah suggested it -- by the way Sarah, you need to start blogging again!!) Let me know if you'd be interested by leaving a comment below!

My mom and sister were in town this past weekend, and we crammed quite a bit into just a couple days. I still have some pictures to upload before I post about it - just wanted to get my first post in for the month of August! I can't believe how quickly summer has flown by!
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