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Baby Loves & Must Haves Months 3-6

I wrote a post awhile ago about the bigger items that we used all the time and thought I’d do another edition for the items we “couldn’t live without” in the 3-6 month age. 

1. The first item on the list is the Circo brand (from Target) flannel lap pads – we’ve actually been using these since day 1 and I just keep finding more uses for them.  Initially I just used them on the changing pad on her Pack-N-Play.  Now, in addition to using them on her boppy changing pad (in place of the boppy waterproof cover b/c that one always stuck to her little bottom), I use one in her crib so I don’t have to change the crib sheet as often.  They are also great for traveling when you won’t have a changing table somewhere.  They wash up well (as long as you don’t wash something with velcro in the same load) and fold up nicely.  I started with one pack of these and now have about 10 of them total.  Love them.  Oh – and the brand is important.  I bought some similar ones from Babies R Us and they have not stood up to washing the way the Circo brand has.  The BRU ones pill and lose their softness. 


2. Exersaucer.  The one we have was a generous hand me down from one of Matt’s co-workers.  It’s the Evenflo 3 Stage Triple Fun Exersaucer.  The first couple times I put Hadley in this she cried, but you would never know that now.  She LOVES this thing.  She can spin around in the chair so she doesn’t get bored looking at the same toy, and it bounces, which has become her favorite thing to do in here.  It keeps her entertained easily while I make dinner or do laundry.  It’s also a lovely decorating addition to our family room.  Winking smile 


3. Angel Dear Cuddle Blankie.  We have been given a handful of different “loveys” and at first I thought they were interchangeable.  I was wrong.  Although she will tolerate other ones, she clearly loves this one above and beyond the others.  I actually just bought another one on Amazon to have as a backup when one is dirty or lost.  From reading the reviews, it sounds like there is something about this brand that babies love!  Another girlfriend of mine also swears by these – her 18 month old is still carrying his around.  We have the floppy eared bunny (below), but click here to see all the different ones they offer!  LOTS of cute ones!


4. OXO Tot feeding spoons.  Yes, other spoons will work, but these are far and beyond my favorite.  They are sturdy, easy to wash, soft enough for her to gum on when she takes a bite, but strong enough to show no signs of wear.  They are also great for scraping the last little bit out of a container.  (I guess these aren’t really “baby” must haves, but more of “mom” must haves.)


5. Paci Wipes.  These are “food grade” wipes, so they are safe to use for something you eat off of, making them my wipe of choice when we are out and about.  I use these for her paci, spoon/bowl after a lunch out, and to wipe her face off when she’s done eating. 


6.  Baby Tylenol.  I know this seems a little silly to put on here, but with the teething pains we’ve Hadley’s been having, it had to make the “must have” list.   Now that she is older than 6 months, we also alternate with Baby Advil.



7. RoSK Sun Blanket.  This blanket has UPF 30 and can tie to her stroller or car seat, and we have used it pretty much every day this summer.   It’s also lightweight and breathable, so if we’re out in the sun, I feel like it actually keeps her cooler.  



8. Apple Tree Boutique Bibs.   To be completely honest with you, I don’t love the majority of the fabrics she uses, but I picked out 3 and had her make some and they are by far the best bibs we have.  On a normal, teething day, Hadley can go through about 7-8 regular bibs.  With these, we use the same one all day unless she gets food on it or spits up all over.  I take it off for nap and it’s dry by the time she wakes up.  She has yet to drool through one of them. 


IMG_1954IMG_1955 copy









9. And last – the video monitor.  We have this one by Motorola, but I think just about any would do.  Since Hadley has been in her room from about 4 months, I use this constantly.  It’s nice to be able to keep an eye on her without going in to disturb her! 


Some of the things from the last list I made would still be on here, as well, such as the paci and the City Mini stroller.  You can see that list here – Baby Loves

What things can you not live without? 

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