Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

Yes, I understand that it’s Thursday already, and writing a weekend re-cap seems a little bit too delayed at this point, but this is my blog and I can do whatever I want. Winking smile  We had a long weekend off for the 4th and we went down to Austin to celebrate with my family.  It was such a great mini-vacation and Hadley had a great time!  (Although we couldn’t have been happier to get out of the car… road trips are not quite as fun with a 6 month old who wants to get out of her car seat.)

Here’s a re-cap – photo style…


We had a photo shoot in Nana & Poppy’s bedroom, and Hadley got to wear some of Nana’s pearls Smile 

IMG_2488 copyIMG_2492IMG_2493IMG_2496IMG_2498IMG_2513

This next one cracks me up, it’s like she’s saying “What mom?  Nana said I could have these! I promise!”


This is the look Hadley always give Eric – it’s like she forgets who’s holding her and she needs to do a double check every few seconds.


My little chunky monkey Smile


Showing aunt Katie her toes.


Before cooking out we decided to do a family photo shoot for the 4th of July!  We had jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and quail and wrapped in bacon – YUM!  And then my parents grilled steaks, peppers/squash/zucchini and parmesan fries for dinner.  It was delish!

IMG_5511 copyIMG_5535 copy_fadedIMG_5537 copyIMG_5553 copy_fadedIMG_5556 copy_fadedIMG_5569 copyIMG_5585 copy

We also went out to Lake LBJ in Marble Falls while we were in town, but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures while we were out there!  True to form though, Hadley got all the attention she wanted and then some.  It’s gotten to the point where I can’t go out in public without getting stopped for someone to look at her.  I’ve been told more times than I can count that she looks like the Gerber baby and when we went out to eat in Marble Falls, a waiter even came over to our table to show us a picture of his daughter saying that she looked just like Hadley!  (She did – it was pretty crazy!)  The hostesses at that same restaurant were sticking around our table most of the time, too, just wanting to play with her!  She LOVES the attention – I think I’m going to have my hands full when she’s a toddler! 

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Traci said...

Great pics!! I just love all her rolls! They're adorable!!

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