Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashionable Fridays: Baby Edition

Did you like how I made that title all official-like?  As if this is something I do every Friday and have loads of followers waiting to see what “edition” I’ll come out with next? 

Anyway, when the seasons change, I love getting a few new pieces to spruce up my wardrobe.  One of the GREAT perks of a growing baby girl is that I simply can’t re-use things from last season because they don’t fit!  I thought I’d share some of my baby favorites for Spring! 

First of all, I know I am so behind the times with this, but I just discovered Kelly’s Kids.  I haven’t actually ordered anything, but do I want to. 

I want pretty much everything from the Island Blue collection


And the Coral Reef Collection


And the Buckets of Fun Collection


And ohmygosh these bubbles are so cute!



And I want every “basic” in the whole entire catalog.  AND, you can monogram just about everything they sell!  Seriously – put an H on it all and ship me the whole shebang!

I am also drooling over these Matilda Jane items…

Leona Knot Dress



How adorable is this Lucy Baby Bubble?


Unfortunately, none of those are exactly in our budget, so here are a few more budget-friendly items I’ve seen recently!

I LOVE this little flutter-sleeve top with bloomers


And this little striped sundress is on sale for $10!


And last, this little bowtie romper would be so cute with a monogram on the chest! 


Ok, that’s all I’ve got!  Hopefully this was more fun to read than a day-by-day update of Hadley’s illnesses! Winking smile

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the blogivers said...

This is the bad/good part of having a boy... bad because the clothing options for them are infinitely less cute, but good because it saves us money (which means more shopping money for me)! :)

Andrea said...

So cute! Gracie has that first Island blue Kelly's Kid's dress and it's so adorable! It was a gift from Mimi because momma is too cheap to buy their stuff, haha! Hope Miss H is feeling better!

Amy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these pieces. i am drooling over the MJ bubble and SERIOUSLY contemplating it.

have you tried ebay for the KK's stuff? i've bought TONS off ebay (sometimes NWT) for way cheap. even current seasons. worth a shot!

and helloooo!!! you can't share those adorable (And affordable) outfits at the end and not tell me where they came from! i love the romper - so cute!

Christian Srp said...

Where is that precious turquoise flutter sleeve top with bloomer from?!!?!? My "coming soon" niece needs it!!!

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