Friday, March 9, 2012

A Tale of Two Hadley’s

Last week I had the pleasure of watching a friend’s little girl for the day when her sitter cancelled last minute!  Sarah was actually the photographer in our wedding so I’ve known her for about 5 years now!  She is a teacher now and wound up living really close to us when they moved to Dallas and we’ve become even closer now that she’s a momma to a sweet little girl (who is also named Hadley!). 

I’ll admit, I was terrified a little anxious about being all on my own with a 3 month old and a 14 month old.

(Yes, I realize plenty of people CHOOSE to have kids that close, and yes I realize they all survive just fine.)

(I am not one of those people.)

Although we had a few moments of chaos, overall the day went really well!  Sarah’s Hadley (I think I’ll refer to her by her nickname Haddie to avoid confusion) was super sweet and content all day long.  The only time she fussed was when I waited a little too long to put her down for her first nap.  The 10 o’clock hour was a little chaotic as Haddie was waking up ready to eat at the exact same time Hadley was cranky and ready to go down for her nap, but we all survived and actually had a fun time! 

Here are some of the precious pictures I captured throughout our day.


These next pictures are priceless to me.  I let Hadley “hold” Haddie because I could tell she was just dying to get closer to her.  Hadley was so sweet and gentle with her!




See what I mean?  Such a sweet, happy little girl!


Hadley “hugs” by laying her head down.  This is her attempt at hugging Haddie.


I was seriously missing how easy it was to put down an infant.  Haddie just needed a quick swaddle and paci and she was out.cold.  Oh if only Hadley could have taken notes!


I was so thankful for a beautiful day!  We got our wagon out and went for a long walk.  Both girls were SO content throughout the whole walk.  I’m pretty sure a double stroller would be a necessity if you had two so close in age!


All in all, my worries were pretty unfounded.  We had a great girls day! 

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Andrea said...

oh how fun! Your Hadley looks like she was just loving having a baby there, she will be a great big sister =) One day of course... LOL

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