Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update with Pillows

When I was working on the pillows for our master bedroom (to be revealed soon!), I bought a small cut of fabric just to get my “cart” to $35 so I could get free shipping. 

I decided to update the pillows in our family room since I still had burnt orange velvet toss pillows in there and it’s March! 

(My husband is rolling his eyes and saying “so what?” as I write this.  He feels that pillows have no place on a couch because “they make it hard to sit there.”)

(I disagree.)

Anyway, here is what the couch looked like… (I looked and looked and apparently never took a picture with our Fall/Christmas pillows on the couch.  Imagine 2 burnt orange velvet pillows at each end of the couch.)


And now with the new pillow (I’m thinking about making another one… or maybe I should find a different coordinating fabric?) The floral I used in the bedroom actually goes really well out here, too. Is it a faux pas to use the same fabric in two different rooms of your house?  


(Pay no mind to the baby shoe on the coffee table)


I love being able to change things up with just one quick throw pillow.  What are you doing to spiff things up for spring? 

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Lauren said...

I love that fabric! I have the coordinating waverly ellis in turquoise, that might work for another one! Can't wait to see what you did in the Master. And, btw, I used your euro sham tutorial and LOVED it!! Thanks :)

Andrea said...

I love it, so cute!!!

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