Monday, March 5, 2012

It’s Been Too Long…

I know I keep saying that I’ll get on top of things soon and have all these great posts with beautiful pictures to show you, but lately, I just can’t get on top of it all.  Hadley hasn’t napped for more than 30 minutes TOTAL in the past week. 

Life = 1; Brittany = 0. 

(Or maybe that should say Hadley = 1,452,798; Momma = 0)

In the grand scheme of things, “this too shall pass,” and I know our blessings FAR outweigh our stresses right now, but when you have a screaming, tantrum throwing, runny-nosed 14 month old who has gone from sleeping a total of 14-15 hours/day to sleeping a total of 11-12 hours on a “good” day, you feel a little beat down. 

Add to that the fact that said screaming, tantrum throwing, runny-nosed, non-napping 14 month old has to be gets to be a flower girl in my little sister’s wedding in less than 2 weeks and I’m just a little worried.  Of course I initially envisioned how adorable Hadley would be in her giant yellow tutu walking crawling being pulled in a wagon down the aisle while smiling and waving at her adoring fans.  Then we’d go into the reception, have some dinner and bite or two of cake, she’d dance with her daddy and then they’d call it a night and head back to my parent’s house for a good night’s sleep. 

Now I’m envisioning a child with messy hair, ripping her bow out, having to be strapped into a wagon and screaming all the way down the aisle only to be removed from the ceremony by her loving daddy simply so that everyone can actually hear the wedding vows taking place. 

Here’s to hoping & praying we can meet somewhere in the middle. 

And while I try to get caught up on the rest of the drafts I have started but not had time to finish, here’s a glimpse of Hadley for you…

This is what I came in to find this morning – 5 pacis on the floor (yes she sleeps with multiple pacis in her crib – can you see why?) and her bunny-lovey, without whom she screams bloody murder. 


After a battle-of-wills this morning, this is how Hadley finally fell asleep. 


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Emily [On the V Side] said...

Oh, we have been there! Hang in there, Mama!

In the meantime, console yourself in the knowledge that your little girl is AD.OR.ABLE. :)


melanie said...

oh. my! priceless!

the blogivers said...

Goodness... how do such little people pack so much punch?! Hoping she turns a corner soon, but know that everyone will think she's precious at the wedding, regardless of her behavior :) My niece babbled through my wedding and screamed bloody murder through my brother's wedding, and everyone still thought she was adorable! Hang in there!

Andrea said...

Oh no! I'm sorry she's still not sleeping! That pic of her asleep sitting up is pretty cute, though! Now take this for what it's worth because this could very possibly backfire on you and make her have a total meltdown... or it could work. I swaddle Gracie for naps sometimes!! I can't believe I just said that because obviously she is too old to be swaddled, but sometimes, swaddling her and holding her tight and swaying back and forth is the ONLY way she will take a nap. She really fights it at first, but within 2 minutes she's out! Just a thought =)

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