Monday, March 12, 2012


Spring may technically be another week away, but most schools I know are on Spring Break this week, and so I think it counts as Spring already. 

(And why do schools take Spring Break before it’s actually Spring?)

Anyway, after some seriously long and exhausting days in the Coleman household, Hadley and I decided to do a little shopping recently.  She found a great deal on ruffled leggings at Gymboree for $3.  I was proud of her bargain hunting.  I mean, seriously when can you ever find those deals in your size? 

I spent a little more than she did at Bath & Body Works.  I honestly haven’t shopped there (until this Christmas) for years, but I was lured in by deals and the promise of an amazingly scented home.  (When you are constantly spraying febreeze around a diaper pail, the idea of something actually smelling good is enticing.)  I bought a few wallflowers at Christmastime and found some scents that I LOVED.  They were still plugged in up until now.  I think it’s time for our house to stop smelling like a Christmas tree, yes? 

Well, once again, I found a scent I LOVE.  It’s called Spring.  That’s it.  No “Tropically Fresh Coconutty Mango” or anything like that.  Just Spring.  And it smells like a flower shop.  Just fresh cut flowers without being flowery and girly smelling.  I love it.  I might have to go back and stock up in case they don’t bring it back again.  I even bought the candle and I love the little touch it adds on the mantel.  Isn’t that zebra holder super cute too?


Do you have any favorite scents?  Or have you been avoiding bath & body works since high school like I was? 
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Andrea said...

That zebra holder is so cute! They have a fall scent that I love. I'll have to check out their spring line!

melanie said...

this makes me want to go out and buy that candle ASAP! House smells of Lysol (been sick), old fall candle and kitty litter....HELP!

the blogivers said...

Have you found anything to keep Hadley's entire room from smelling (courtesy of the aforementioned diaper pail)? Davis' room always smells terrible and I'm not sure if it will go away until he is out of diapers!

Traci said...

I havent shipped there in awhile either. I may have to check out the candle. It sounds perfect for this time of year!

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