Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

We officially have our first big fever.  I guess I should be thankful that this didn’t happen DURING the wedding weekend.  And I guess I should also be thankful that we made it almost 15 months without really any type of high fever.  But when your baby is sick (just 2 weeks after having strep), it’s hard to be thankful. 

I’m still not caught up on laundry after getting us all unpacked, and now I’ve got to get my Lysol back out in case this is some time of bug that Hadley is fighting.  She started running a fever last night and I had to wake her up to take her to the doctor this morning because her fever was up to 104.  Thankfully it was only at 100 when we were at the doctor (without meds), so it seems to be fluctuating a bit.  All of her tests came back negative, so we are just in watch-and-see mode right now and giving her tylenol/advil every 3 hours. 

If you have a minute to pray – please pray that this is just a virus that is running it’s course.  The doctor said if she’s still running a high fever in 48 hours that they’ll want to do all kinds of other tests, likely including a catheter for a UTI test.  I’m not sure Hadley would ever forgive me if she had to go through that!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some cute pictures to end on a good note. Smile


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Maury Kilgo said...

Oh no! I just said a prayer for Hadley's healing and you to be conforted! I'm sure the first one is pretty traumatic for a Mom!

Andrea said...

I am loving her in the tutu, so stinkin cute! I am so sorry she's sick, isn't that the worst! The same thing happened with G on her birthday, really high fever with no apparent cause. Thankfully it went away after a few days. I said a prayer for miss Hadley and you!

Kara5109 said...

I hope she gets better soon! I had to have Hadley cathed about a month ago because she wouldn't pee and it honestly wasn't that bad at all. Yes, she cried but it only lasted a minute. Bagging a sick baby to get pee could last HOURS. Good luck! My Hadley is sick right now with some mystery virus.

the blogivers said...

Praying! Poor girl (and poor mama)... keep us posted!

Adventures of Three Harts said...

Poor Hadley! I never like leaving the doctor hearing, "possible fever virus." I feel like that is saying, "I just don't know."

Hope your sweet girl feels better soon!

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